ann sandersMy Philosophy

As an independent saddle fitter my goal is to find the right saddle for both you and your horse. I have found the best saddle manufacturers in the industry. These saddles represent the most complete array of saddle styles, fit, comfort and price. Since I have so many options to choose from I can help you find the ideal saddle for you and your horse. If in the rare instance I do not have the perfect saddle in stock for you and your horse I have hundreds of options available that we can order. All designed to assure that you and your horse have the perfect fit saddle from Fit-Right Saddlery.

My Services

At Fit-Right Saddlery I sell, flock and provide evaluations for most makes of dressage and jumping saddles. I service New York,  Western Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey and Western Pennsylvania.

My Commitment to You

When I work with you, I roll up my sleeves and become your  saddle fit partner. My success is measured by yours and your horses' comfort. That's why I will come back as often as you need to make sure we have the proper fit.

My Experience

I have been fitting saddles on many breeds for years.
I have successfully fit some of the hardest to fit horses in the area. I know the challenges you face. As a dressage rider myself I understand the importance that a saddle isn't just something you sit on but something that actually becomes a part of you and your horse. It does not get in your way nor does it limit your horses ability. In fact a properly fit saddle can help you and your horse reach your full potential.